[mn007] scmute (Sumic Semurnb)


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The structure of nature.

Nature expresses itself through its structure, it has no function or intention to communicate feelings or ideas. If nature speaks to us, she does so through her relationship with us, since we are part of her. The music presented by Marcos BernabĂ© (aka scmute) in “Sumic Semurnb” is like nature, its structure is algorithms, instructions for its generation that resonate us by its relation with our psychology of attention. The game with attention is the key, as a vehicle to enjoy the sounds, the dynamics and, ultimately, to provide us with a singular perceptual experience.

scmute gives us, in addition, an extra gift in track number two, because it gives space to the silence that we so much appreciate in this netlabel.

Catalog Number: mn007
Artist: scmute
Title: Sumic Semurnb
Date: October, 2017

01/03 : sumic_semurnb (10:00.05)
02/03 : iscum_sneurbm (03:00.05)
03/03 : cusmi_unsbrem (10:00.05)

Total Time: 23:00.14

License: CC-BY-SA

Cover: Helena Coll

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Mirrors: | sonicsquirrel | bandcamp