[mn008] Filmy Ghost (The Echo of Invisible Trees)


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Catalog Number: mn008
Artist: Filmy Ghost
Title: The Echo of Invisible Trees
Date: December, 2017

01/01 : The Echo of Invisible Trees (22:28)

Total Time: 22:28.00

License: CC-BY-SA

Cover: Sábila Orbe

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“The Echo of Invisible Trees” es una composición de ruido extendido con tonos
ligeramente variantes, el concepto de la obra es crear una atmósfera
envolvente y oscura, que provoque cierta tensión y ensimismamiento en el


"The Echo of Invisible Trees" is an extended noise composition 
with slightly varying tones, the concept of the work is to create 
an enveloping and dark atmosphere, which provokes a 
certain tension and absorption in the receiver.